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How It Works

How Our Membership Plan Works

Annual Membership Fees: Members will pay an annual fee for the subscription which provides them with all of the benefits of the plan. Memberships for individuals are $85; for individual + 1 are $125; for families of any size are $150; as well as groups of friends up to 5 people for $150. Additionally, we can create plans for groups larger than 5 as well as for small businesses to meet your needs

Procedures offered: You can click here to view all of the procedures that are covered as well as the price you will pay for each procedure. All of our prices are pre-negotiated so you know what you will pay before you visit the dentist. There are no additional or surprise charges

Payment to dentist: Because this membership is not insurance, there is no reimbursement. You simply pay the price, as listed on the website, for whichever procedures you get at the time of your visit. All of the costs are out-of-pocket at our affordable member-discount rates. There are no additional fees to what is listed on our Savings page. Additionally there are no annual maximums or deductibles

Signing Up: Click here to go to our Sign Up page and start saving today! There is no waiting period or open enrollment. As soon as you sign up you can print your card and start using your membership for dental savings right away

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